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Are You Following Yorktown Theatre?

“Shall I join my brothers there? When our ranks begin to form. Do I stay and do I dare? Will you take your place with me? The time is now, the day is here… One day more.” – Enjolras & Marius (One Day More) from Les Misérables

It's a long story, but to sum up: Be sure to follow Yorktown Theatre's new Instagram account.

Yes, we had a different account not too long ago. But things happen! Our new Instagram account is growing, and "our ranks begin to form."

If you loved watching Yorktown Theatre stories on the old account, we promise you'll love our new Instagram account, mainly because it's where all the latest show news, production backstories, and cast reels are posted!

The past YHSTheatre account is in the past. "Will you take your place with me? The time is now, the day is here..."

Tell your family, friends and Yorktown Alums: Follow the drama, the theatre, and our wonderful shows at

Yorktown Theatre's Les Misérables School Edition Musical opens Thursday, April 4th, with additional shows on April 5th and 6th. Follow Yorktown High School @yorktowntheatre/ for more (and better!) Les Mis pre-and-post-production photos and reels!


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