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Bravo! Brava! Les Mis Cast, Crew and Orchestra Dazzle Audiences

Yorktown High School Theatre Arts sold out tickets for all four performances (April 6-8) of its Spring 2024 Musical, "Les Misérables School Edition."

The number of individuals who contributed to this production is remarkable, and we'd like to highlight a Who's Who Les Mis Student Bonus Info Website, created by Keya Sikotra to let you know more about these talented students.

"When I announced Les Misérables as our 2024 musical, I knew we were making a statement that had been three years in the making: Yorktown Performing Arts thrives on ambition," says Alani Kravitz, chair of the Yorktown High School Theatre Department.
Kravitz continues, "These multi-talented, dedicated students don't settle for 'good enough.' With these incredibly talented actors, skilled designers and crew, and top-notch choir, orchestra, and band programs, it's no wonder that I chose this show. Little did I know when I began here at Yorktown that I would be directing and producing the world's most famous musical, but I would have it no other way."


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