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Theatre Arts Parents

About TAP

YHS Theatre Arts Parents (TAP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports theatre arts standards of learning for students. Additionally, TAP donates funds and time for every production. There are many opportunities to get involved, so please volunteer and donate to this unique program!

Two smiling parent volunteers standing behind a table laden with snack for sale.


TAP’s mission is to enhance the theatre program with parents' and community members' talents, time, and financial contributions.

What TAP Does

  • Fundraises and volunteers for theatre arts productions.

  • Assists in producing props and costumes.


  • Publicizes all events and produces show programs.


  • Maintains the Yorktown TAP website.


  • Provides hospitality – we feed the cast and crew and manage show concessions.

TAP Volunteer Coordinator and Administrative Assistant Marianne Schwanke sitting in the theatre.

Who's on TAP

If you have a student involved in theatre arts, you are part of TAP! Have a question? Tap one of our leaders.

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