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  • Movement (Ryan Sellers & Zana Gankhuyag)

  • Residency (WSC Avant Bard – Mary Myers & Francesca Chilcote)

  • Theatre (Signature in the Schools)

  • Sound & Projections (Jon Roberts)

  • Acting (Lexie Lounsbury, Hannah Shoultz, Bailey Nassetta)

  • Performance (Marian Licha)

  • Kevin Goral (Technical Director)

  • Director: The Lottery (Bailey Nassetta)

  • Director: Pippin (Denise Perrino)

  • Choreographer (Ryan Sellers)

  • Characterization (Mary Hall Surface)

  • Muralist (Abby O’Keeffe)

  • Signature (Signature in the Schools)

  • Movement (Zana Gankhuyag)

  • Playwright (Ian McWethy)

  • Lighting (Jeffrey Auerback, Kimberly Crego)

  • Sound & Projections (Jon Roberts)

  • Acting & Lighting (Warren McQueary)



  • Movement (Ryan Sellers)

  • Mime (Brooke Weber)

  • Playwright (Ginny Mohler)

  • Muralist (Abby O’Keeffe)

  • Sound & Projections (Jon Roberts)

  • Improv (Luke Campbell, Eliza Hubbard)

  • Composer (John Mohler)

  • Commedia Workshop (Traveling Players’ Toby Mulford)


  • Movement (Ryan Sellers)

  • Choral Director (Bobby McCoy)

  • Acting (Emily Marsh)

  • Musical Theatre (Carter Lowe)

  • Performance (Marian Licha)


  • Storytelling (Judy Klevins)

  • Voice (Kate Al Shama)

  • Movement (Lousia deButts)

  • Commedia (Samantha Sheehan and Toby Mulford)

  • Directing (Keegan Cassady)

  • Theatre (Rachel Hynes)

  • Director (Tom Mallan)

  • Fight Choreography (Kyle Encinas)

  • Movement (Ryan Sellers)

  • Choreographer (Brooke Weber)

  • Voice Coach (Kim McDavit)

  • Performance (Marian Licha)


  • Acting (Tom Mallan)

  • Movement (Ryan Sellers)

  • Mime (Brooke Weber)

  • Set Construction (Will Pommerening)


  • Movement (Ryan Sellers)

  • Mime (Brooke Weber)


  • Tom Mallon conducted Shakespeare workshops and helped with Bottom’s Dream

  • Diana Haberstick was the vocal coach for Aida.

  • Ryan Sellers was the choreographer and movement coach for Aida.

  • Ben Curtis from Synetic conducted a movement workshop for all students

  • Alanis Obamswamis gave a filmmaking lecture to Theatre Arts III students

  • Buzz Morrow and Deb Gottesman from the Theatre Lab conducted a musical theatre workshop to Theatre Arts III students

  • Brooke Weber conducted mime workshops and guest Acting coach of the Theatre II One Acts.

  • Emily Johnson guest acting coach of the Theatre Arts II One Act

  • Corey Rodriguez & Tracy Wertheimer conducted a Technical Theatre workshop

  • Sam Taylor guest acting coach for Bottom’s Dream

  • Susan Millan costumes for both Aida and Bottom’s Dream


  • Japanese Theatre Residency – Shizumi Manale conducted Kyogen movement workshops with Theatre Arts III & IV students.  This choreography was incorporated in the production of Nora’s Lost.  October 2009


  • Comedia del ‘Arte Movement Residency – Director of YHS Theatre Arts Carol Cadby was awarded one of the 2008-09 Wolf Trap Scholarships for Performing Arts Teachers.  The grant supported a month-long residency in Octwith Comedia Del Arte guest artist Wickham Avery.  Carol Cadby collaborated with Wickham Avery to produce Yorktown Theatre Arts III’s production of The Imaginary Invalid.  This production was performed at Yorktown High School in November 2008.

  • Playwrighting Residency – Marcia Gardner from Signature Theatre will work with Theatre Arts IV students on a month long playwright residency in Oct/Nov 2008.

  • Bookmaking Workshop – In Elizabeth Wolf’s one-day hands-on workshop in Book Arts participants created books and related artwork.  This workshop explored the simple material paper to expand and revise the students understanding of the book as an object and source of inspiration.  After the workshop the participant held a book with a new understanding of its form and potential uses.  October 2008.

  • Japanese Theatre Residency – Shizumi Manale conducted a three-day residency with Theatre Arts II-IV students teaching them Kyogen Noh and Kabuki styles of movement as well as acting and characterization. December 2008.

  • Puppetry Workshop – Julia Tasheva taught a week-long puppetry building and manipulation redency to Theatre Arts I-III and Technical Theatre students.


  • Stage Combat & Acting  Workshops (Scott Kerns)

  • Mime workshop (Mark Jaster)

  • Dance/Movement Workshop(Do Theatre)

  • Peter Pan Choreographer (Katie Foster)

  • Resident Set Facilitator/construction (Priscilla Johnson)


  • Japanese Acting-Dance Residency (Shizumi)

  • Resident Technician (Rick Wienert)

  • Faux Finish Workshop/Resident Set Painter (Ginny Loving & Shadia Hafiz)

  • Sewing Workshop/Resident Costume Mistress (Danna Fischer)

  • Stage Management (Peggy Dahlquist)

  • Creativity (Signature Theatre)

  • Knots (Cullen Rector)

  • Technical Theatre Workshops (Signature Theatre)


  • Puppeteer/Resident Technician (Rick Wienert)

  • Faux Finish Workshops/Resident set painter (Ginny Loving)

  • Makeup Demonstration (Christine Hall-Shakespeare Theatre)

  • Stage Combat and Acting Workshops (Scott Kerns)

  • Resident Costumer (Danna Fischer)

  • Comedy Improv workshops (The Comedy Spot)


  • Technical Theatre Workshops (Signature Theatre)

  • Dance Residency (Bowen McCauly Dance)

  • Stage Combat workshops (John Gursky)

  • The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail (Kevin Briscoe)


  • Technical Theatre Workshops (Signature Theatre – Hal Crawford)

  • Faux Finish Workshop (Ginny Loving)

  • Stage Combat workshop (Allan Brown)

  • Auditioning Workshop Signature & Shakespeare Theatre)

  • Playwriting Workshop (Shakespeare Theatre)


  • Acting workshop (Judy Klevins)

  • Opera Alive Workshop (The Washington Opera -Don Giovanni)

  • Stage Combat (Allan Brown)

  • Faux Finish workshop (Ginny Loving)

  • Our Town (Susan Keady)


  • Dance Residency (Shizumi)

  • Carnival (Terry Eiserman)


  • One Person Show (Signature Theatre)

  • Auditioning (Lucy Holsonbake)


  • Dance Residency (Jane Franklin Dance)

  • Comedy Improv workshops (Ben Hulan)

  • Acting Workshops (Kailani Lee)

  • Acting workshop (The Acting Company)

  • Shakespeare Workshops (Folger Shakespeare Theatre)

  • Fiddler on the Roof (Lori Gilkenson)

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