"Yorktown Theatre gave me self-awareness and self-confidence that I used every day in college and continue to use every day in my professional life."

– Jacqui Anders, 2015 graduate

"One of the biggest things I learned in theatre is when to speak and when to listen. It is a skill I can use everyday. Not just in a show."

– Rebecca Scruggs, 2012 graduate

Two competitive admissions programs available for high school theatre students are the Fine Arts Apprenticeship Program and the Governor’s School for the Arts.




We are very fortunate to live in a county with a rich arts culture. Many arts organizations perform frequently in Arlington and the surrounding areas. We encourage you to attend the productions of other organizations.  Read more »


Check out the Arlington Public Schools Arts Education and the Arlington County’s "Arlington Arts" for additional resources.


Is your child interested in continuing to participate in theatre after high school?  Does s/he or he wants to look at colleges with theatre programs, possibly even conservatories?  Use this college theatre directory to get started.