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Theatre Arts 

Shows & Events

=2023-2024 Season=

Winter 2024
One-Act Festival 

Theatre Arts IV students write, act, and direct one-act plays as a senior project. The plays showcase Yorktown Theatre Art's diverse points of view of the human condition. The festival typically includes `15-20 plays.

Theater Lights

Spring 2024

YHS Theatre Arts has offered a musical extravaganza for its Spring production for the past two seasons. We rely on our generous supporters to fund these wildly popular shows. The title is to be announced.

Artistic Clapboard with the acronym TBA added.

Previous Shows

Be our guest! Take a look at scenes from recent shows. We love our talented cast and crew, and also badgers. More show albums to follow, maybe next year, maybe tomorrow...

Beauty and the Beast musical photo showing Belle looking lovingly at the Prince.

Spring 2023 Musical

Logo for the play Puffs featuring a green plaid banner and scrapes of black, gold and red material sewn onto the plaid and the face of a badger popping under the word Puffs.

Fall 2022 Play

From the musical Annie, the character Annie looking hopeful and mouth open in song.

Spring 2022 Musical

Got Tickets?

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See You at the Next Show!

Watching a live performance is an energizing and one-of-a-kind experience. We welcome all members of the Yorktown community to attend and support our shows and events. 

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