Yorktown High School’s Theatre Arts Program is dedicated to the personal development of the individual student and the values of creative collaboration and ensemble-building. The department’s motto—“It’s not about you!”—means that each student’s worth is measured by his or her contribution to the group effort. All students, regardless of natural ability, will expand their comfort zones, challenge their own perceptions, and experiment with creative ideas in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

The hallmark of the program is its experimental approach. In the classroom and during rehearsals, students are encouraged to expand their sense of self through innovative thinking; to find new interpretations of plays and original representations of ideas. This process challenges their perceptions of the world and broadens their understanding of theatre.


The program also emphasizes the writing of original material and devised work.  Throughout the four years, students write, stage and present performance pieces that validate their ideas and develop a strong self-concept.

By focusing on ensemble, experimentation, original work and self-awareness, the Yorktown Theatre Arts Program enables high school students to develop high quality, conceptually creative theatre that challenges and excites both the actor and the audience.