Yorktown High School Theatre Shows, 2000 – 2020:

2000:  An Adaptation of Julius Caesar, Bury the Dead

2001: Antigone, Nevermore: Edgar Allan Poe the Final Mystery, Subway Dreams (Original Play)

2002:  East of the Sun, West of the Moon (Original Play), Carnival

2003: Mosquito (Original Play), Our Town 

2004:  The Secret Garden, Governing Alice, The Tempest

2005:  Blood Wedding, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail

2006: Metamorphoses, Fear Itself (Original Play), Seussical

2007: Oedipus, Animal Farm

2008:  Dracula, Peter Pan

2009:  The Imaginary Invalid

2010:  Nora’s Lost, James and the Giant Peach

2011:  Bottom’s Dream, Aida

2012:  4 A.M., Spring One Acts

2013:  Mirrors, The Wizard of Oz

2014:  The Widow Ranter, Alice in Wonderland

2015:  The Long View, West Side Story

2016:  Girls Who Glow, The True Adventures of Pinocchio

2017:  The Lottery, Pippin

2018:  Voices Out of Chaos and Almost, Maine

2018-2019:  Mama Mia!, Perfect

2019-2020: A Zombie Extravaganza, Things Fall (Meanwhile)