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Through the Screen

Devised & Acted by Theatre Arts III, Edited by Technical Theatre

Directed by Carol Cadby, YHS Theatre Teacher & Alani Kravitz, Student Teacher


EVENT: Showing of Through the Screen and Q&A w/cast & crew

DATE: November 20, 2020

TIME: @ 7pm 


SHOW @ 7: Zoom link is HERE


Through the Screen, a show which explores how teens find community online, is a devised play which was written, acted and edited by Yorktown High School's Theatre Arts III and Technical Theatre classes. 


Presented at the Virtual Virginia Theatre Association Conference in November 2020, it received a Superior rating! 


This is what the judges had to say:


  • Wonderful job with characterization!  Each character was well developed and every choice was purposeful. 


  • The technical elements were amazing! The animation was stunning and added so much charm to this turbulent piece. It was engaging, quirky and a true asset to the storytelling.


  • There was a fun sense of not knowing what to expect with each shift of the story!


  • The ensemble made this platform work for them! They build a nice flow and tempo of the performance, as it shifts from space to space.  


  • The virtual aspect was seamless and very intelligent. 


Now you can watch this virtual performance, via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home!  

Please join us on Friday Nov 20th at 7pm